Thursday, April 27, 2017

12th March, Wolverhampton

March also saw us at ...


The first real show of the year in central England was always Alumwell and it still seems to feel like the start of the season even if it now follows a number of other events.

This is another combination show for us ... teamed up with the Battlefields Trust and Northampton Battlefield Society ... this time presenting NBS's newly published narrative game of the 1460 battle.

Northampton Battlefields Society ... and ...

The Society of Ancients ... present ...

The Battle of Northampton 1460 ...

This is a blown up chunky version of the boardgame which is now available as a cut out publication from NBS ... it has been played at a number of shows and goes down a treat (you really need a copy of this game ... and - as luck would have it - it has now been published so you can buy one *but there's more* all the proceeds go to helping to protect the battlefield so it's a double win) ...

Northampton 1460

OK promotion done, but it will be reviewed in Slingshot and I'll give contact details in a follow up blog for those of you who want to get one.

We played a number of games and everyone had a good time.  Graham was signing copies for autograph hunters.

We were right next to the WWII vehicles ... a regular feature of this friendly Midlands show ...

West Midlands Military Show

Indeed, reenactment/living history is well represented within an old fashioned mix of military history and modelling interests and there is usually something for everyone ...

Wars of the Roses ...  Civil War ... Napoleonic ... WWII ...

... and if the show had a sub-plot, it was The Great War ... a number of splendid interpretations 100 years on from 1917.

Not much for the pure ancients enthusiast I'm afraid but some very good historical games in other periods, nicely presented and generally engaging the visitor ...

WMMS 2017

... and did I say 'scale modelling' tables ... yards of them ... a nice mix of shopping, things to play, things to look at ... and folk dressed up ...

And Societies to join and good works to support ...

The Battlefields Trust and a few items available at WMMS 2017

Meanwhile our participation game went on pretty much all day and introduced a few people to wargaming, a few more to the Wars of the Roses, and a fascinating range of plausible historical variants.

A good show and a good day out.

Thanks to the organisers and thanks everyone who joined.   Make sure you don't miss Alumwell 2018.

Saturday, April 15, 2017

4th March, Newark Showground

HAMMERHEAD 2017 and the SOCIETY of ANCIENT DBA Northern Cup

With no Triples this year, the Society sponsored DBA Northern Cup moved seamlessly over to middle England's 'up and coming' Hammerhead - and a very successful move it was.

Hammerhead has established itself at Newark showground which now hosts the two Partizans as well.  OK it lacks the charm of Kelham Hall but wins on parking and convenience.

The main hall at the showground is, shall we say, spartan in its appeal - but the DBA event was in the gaming annex in a building across the way and had a number of advantages (shh or they'll all want some ... but lets just say 'carpet' and coffee without queueing ... ) ..

So ... a good venue, and, as always, a well managed event by Paul and Tony.

(The SoA DBA Northern Cup: my first four games)

The format for the Northern Cup is preset armies and tables provided by the organisers ... attack/defend specified for the game but otherwise free deployment.

It works very well and is a great leveller.

All the limited spaces for the event were sold, so we were 'full' (come along next year but book early)

The armies were all from the early periods.

(The SoA DBA Northern Cup: the morning session)

Also in our annex was this very appealing try-out game of the new Helion Armada game (simple Andy Callan rules and print-cut-and-glue paper ships).

Very tempting ...

Elsewhere in the show there was not a lot for the ancients enthusiast - but a good range otherwise and again, a lot of modern, some naval and some colonial ....

We were back for a couple more games after lunch (in which I fell from needing a miracle to no chance at all) but overall had a a great series of games and met some new players (as well as old friends) ... Indeed we had a nice mix of players including newcomers and youngsters (kudos to V3 of DBA for this encouraging trend and another full house).

And so to some worthy prize winners ...

(Dennis, Mark Johnson in First place, and Patrick)

A grand day out ... in support of which I took along the 54mm participation game of Bosworth which is also, of course, run to the latest version of DBA ...

Hammerhead and the DBA Northern Cup - I'm already looking forward to the next one!

Sunday, April 9, 2017

26th February, Tonbridge

The day after Alton I was down at Cavalier helping the shows team with the stand in support of a Lost Battles demo of Cannae ...

 (The Society of Ancients - the lost battle of Cannae BC 216 - Tonbridge 2017)

The game was ably run by the author Prof Philip Sabin of King's College (and a long standing SoA Committee member), together with regulars Eric, Alan and Mark ...

A vibrant game ...

and an excellent collection of figures ...

Hannibal's greatest victory.

Elsewhere the show was well attended and featured an attractive mix of games ... WW2/Modern and Naval seemed to be the trends ... Perhaps something we will see during 2017?

(Cavalier 2017: other stuff)

Look out for Hammerhead and WMMS in March and Salute in April.

Saturday, March 11, 2017

DBA Special ... IV 13b Medieval German

Figures mostly by Irregular Miniatures with some QRF, Minifigs, Essex etc.

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

25th February, Alton

... and quickly it was DBA again - this time the Alton matched pairs tournament.

Each player takes a matched pair of armies (armies and enemies on the lists) and every other game is played with your own pair or your opponent's pair ... 

The day is six games - so you get to use your own pair 3 times ... when using your own pair, the opponent chooses which army to use (otherwise the standard options apply) ....

I opted to take Mongols and Seljuqs as I reasoned with time tight on the clock, all those potential 2/2 and 1/1 combats would give a good prospect of a completed game each round (as indeed they did)

My armies

IV/35 MONGOL CONQUEST (Cv gen; 4 x Cv; 6 x LH; 1 x Art):
1 x General (Cv), 2 x Mongol armoured cavalry (Cv), 5 x Mongol horse archers (LH), 1 x stone thrower (Art), 2 x Khwarizmian cavalry (Cv) and 1x Kipchak horse archers (LH) …  Steppe.  Agg: 4

III/74a SELJUQ TURK - Army of RUM (Cv gen; 3 x Cv; 5 x LH, 2 x 3Bw; 1 x 4Kn):
1 x General with mamluks (Cv), 2 x askaris (Cv), 5 x Turkoman horse archers (LH), 1 x Kurds (Cv), 2 x Armenian foot (3Bw), 1 x Agulani (4Kn) … Steppe.  Agg: 3

Each army had its quirks ... the Mongol stone-thrower is an interesting asset to take to a 'horse archer' fight.  The Seljuq Agulani add some punch but are at risk with all that light horse around.

The other players chose:

Teutonic Order v Early Polish; Ptolemy Keraunos v Galatians; Zenobia's Palmyrans v LPIA; L. carthaginian v Polybian Roman; Hellenistic Greeks, Sparta v Boiotia; Guti v Akkad; Italian Condotta v French Ordonnance; Early Welsh v Middle Anglo-Saxon; NKE v Ugaritic; WotR, Tudors v Rebels; French Ordonnance v Medieval German; Early Sumerian b list x 2; Middle Assyrian v Hittite Empire; Attila v Patrician Roman W.; Gallic v Celtiberian; Teutonic v Post Mongol Russian; Mitanni v Syro-Canaanite ...

My away games were ... Egyptian vs Ugaritic, Welsh vs Anglo-Saxon and Zenobia vs the Arabs

Unusually, I did quite well with my own pair ... my opponents gave me the Mongols each time - but I won 2 of the 3 games.  Sadly the other games didn't go so well.

So I wasn't threatening the podium this time.   Mark, Pete and Colin were ... so congrats to them - with Mark finishing in the top spot ...

It was a splendid day's wargaming and the battles were all entertaining in their own way - excellent!

Results of the 2017 Alton DBA Matched Pairs:-

1) Mark Skelton, 119 pts; 2) Pete Duckworth, 116 pts; 3) Colin O'Shea, 103 pts; 4) Scott Russell, followed by Peter Ellis, Bill MacGillivray, Kev Casey, David Constable, Richard Pulley, Lindon Paxton, Terry Ellis, Phil Steele, Neil Mason, John Saunders, Paul Clair, Denis Grey, Mike Thompson and Tim Moore.

Well done to everyone ... here they all are (with Martin, who took the picture, snipped in for completeness) ...

Well done also to Martin for organising this and sticking with an entertaining formula ...

More on the Society of Ancients here

More on the SoA UK DBA League here

(Early Welsh occupy a hamlet: figures by Martin Smith, resin huts - from The Square - by Phil Steele) ... 

Hammerhead next ... and the Society sponsored DBA Northern Cup.  See you there.

Next on Shows North will be a day out with the Society shows team at Cavalier in Tonbridge.

(snapping the winners: looking over the organiser's shoulder ... ) 

Saturday, February 25, 2017

12th February, Keresley Library, Coventry

Mercian DBA 2017 Sunday 12th February

Having missed Usk and Burton, my first outing of the year was to the Mercian DBA event in Coventry.  

This year's theme was Italian Wars - to explore the extension of the V3's take on anc-med into the early 16th Century (a slight period creep in the new edition, and armies not all od us have played much) ...

In that spirit, I took along a late Medieval German army full of Landsknechte.

This army was drawn from my FoG-R Italian Wars army and certainly looked the part.  I gave it a fantasy Gothic fairy-tale castle as an Edifice camp: originally bought for next to nothing as a semi-historical HOTT stonghold, this just looked the part.

Oh, and I borrowed an anachronistic gun from Northampton.

I played against Swiss, Tudor English, French, Spanish and Italian Condottieri (twice) ...

Sort of ... in Mercia you play the first three games with your army, the last three against.

I registered 3 wins, a defeat and 2 'time up' draws ... and that put me bottom of the top 10 in a field of 20.  I bagged a general but didn't take a camp (that seems less of an option in V3) ... Not so bad for a first go in ages but you'd have thought I'd have mastered this game by now.

I wasn't too sure about the 'period' but enjoyed it a lot - the games were close and challenging and everyone got some scores ...

Graham Fordham was narrowly pipped for top spot, on countback, by Tony Green ... and Tamara was the higher placed of the juniors.

(Mercia 2017 ... Graham and Tony on top)

(Mercia 2017 ... most of the rest of us: from Martin Smith's album - he's behind the camera)

Here's another glimpse of those Germans ... good enough to merit a feature I think - I'll do a photo set shortly.

More DBA to come - Alton Matched Pairs.  See you there!